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  • New Insights ... Exploring ideas for your brands, marketing and innovation
  • New Consulting ... Accelerating growth with better strategies, faster practical action
  • New Events ...  Inspiring keynotes, workshops, masterclasses and mentoring 
  • New Training ... Developing your people with the new attitudes and capabilities to win
  • Think Different (like Steve Jobs) about Leadership and Innovation, including the APPLE of innovation and MAGIC of leadership ... now available as a new keynote and masterclass
  • Gamechangers ... the next generation of brands and business innovation ... think bigger, think smarter, think faster ... latest preview of content from my next book
  • Gamechangers of the CEE ... 21 "big ideas" from the heart of Central Europe
  • Video Stories from the CEE ... Blessus to Lingibli, Moven to Rimac

  • FutureBankAlior to Zidisha, the future of finance is about embedded partnerships
  • FutureBank Videos: Social (eg Alior), Local (eg Square), Mobile (eg Moven)
  • FutureHealth23 and Me to Wuxi, the future of healthcare is about personal wellbeing
  • FutureHealth Videos:  ... $99 DNA profiles, robotic surgeons, and iPad doctors
  • FutureBankAlior to Zidisha, the future of finance is about embedded partnerships
  • FutureFashionAshmei to Ultra 10, the future of fashion is about niche designs 
  • FutureFoodAbsolut to Zespri, the future of food is about authentic experiences
  • FutureMakersBASF to Tesla, the future of making is about focus and speed.
  • FutureMedia: Al Jazeera to Zeebox, the future of media is about collaborative content
  • FutureProduct: Apple to Tumi, the future of products is about consumer enablement  
  • FutureServices: Ashoka to Uber, the future of services is about being green and great
  • FutureStoreAmazon to Zappos, the future of retail is about smart integration
  • FutureTechAlibaba to VMK, the future of tech is about networked intelligence
  • FutureTravel: Air Asia to Zipcars, the future of travel is about Asian discovery.
  • Kaleidoscopes ... Making sense of complex, changing and connected markets

  • The content is also available as FastFuture workshops for business leaders, and as a practical masterclasses series, including all the new research, case studies and practical tools.

  • The New Consumer Agenda 2013+: From authentic collaboration to small indulgences ... what consumers want in 2013 and beyond, and how brands are responding.
  • Marketing Trends 2013+: From black marketing to crowd creatives, brand gaming to urban formats, solomo and diffusion ... what will be big in marketing in 2013?

  • Brandscapes 2011+ ... new insights into brands and marketing ... Air Asia rises, Baidu gets big, Current about you, Ed Hardy by license, Starbucks debrands, Virgin launches

  • Retail 2011+ ... what's hot and next in the world of retailing, with new insights including Germany's "Futurestore" and winners at the World Retail Awards

  • Banking 2011+ ... the best ideas in financial services from around the world, from Ally to Blippy, Kwedit to Jyske Bank, Metro Bank to Smarty Pig ... it's about more than money!

  • Live Marketing 2011+ ... insights into the latest experiential marketing campaigns for capturing the moment, touching people faster and more personally

  • Future Agenda - what are the drivers of your business success over the next decade, summary of certainties and influences, probabilities and possibilities for 2020

  • Becoming a Brand Company - from "product company" to "brand company", what does it take to create, manage and deliver world class brands successfully?

  • Brands that Do More - download Peter Fisk's keynote from the 2010 Marketing Forum, challenging brands to do more for people ... and for business.

Videos of Peter Fisk

  • Video : Watch Peter Fisk explain his concept of "Genius" and how it is relevant and essential for business in today's fast changing and uncertain times.

  • Video : Peter Fisk's keynote at the SFA "Beyond the Crisis" Conference, Dublin 2009. There are 4 x 5 minute short videos ...  "Welcome to 2012" ... "Reacting to the power shifts" ... "Connectors, adaptors, innovators" ... "Rethink, refocus, restart"

  • Video : Watch Peter Fisk introduce "Pilot Fish: Clever Strategies for Business Growth" at the Sampo Bank Leaders Forum 2010 ... 1 of 10 new videos describing how to reach new markets faster with less cost and risk. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.

More interesting downloads and videos

    • Richard Branson: TED interview, Life at 30,000 feet (video)
    • Seth Godin: TED presentation, Sliced bread and being remarkable (video)
    • Chris Anderson: TED presentation, The Long Tail (video)
    • Al Gore: TED presentation, 15 Ways to avert Climate Change (video)

    • WEF World Competitiveness Index 2007-2008 - summary country rankings
    • WEF World Competitiveness Index 2007-2008 - interview with Michael Porter
    • WEF World Competitiveness Index 2007-2008 - more interviews   (video)
    • World Bank Doing Business 2008 Report on Second Life  (video)

    • Virgin Galactic SS2 Reuters news report   (video)
    • Virgin Galactic SS2 Promotional video   (video)
    • Virgin Galactic Richard Branson Launch Promo (video)
    • Adidas innovation centre in Paris   (video)
    • BMW defining innovation with Theo Jensen's kinetic sculptures   (video)
    • Google describes their approach to innovation by CIO Douglas Merrill   (video)
    • IBM innovation man and how not to do innovation  (video)
    • World Bank: Celtel and borderless communication in African   (video)
    • Fast Living: "Hillside City Club, İstinye" launches fast lifestyles in Istanbul
    • Product creations: new workstyle - make money without being a slave to work  (video)

    Marketing archive

    Brands archive

    Customers archive

    Futures archive

    Strategy archive

    • David Aaker: Strategic Market Management

    • BCG: “The New Global Challengers”

    • BCG: “The Central and Eastern European Opportunity” BCG 

    • BCG: Constructing Strategic Spaces

    • Nicholas Carr: Complementary Genius: Sticking to your kitting is the wrong thing to do

    • Michael Copeland: FedEx delivers on its integration with Kinko's

    • Janamitra Devan: The elusive goal of corporate outperformance

    • Ann Graham: Eskom, Africa's leading electric company anticipates history

    • Innosight: Behind Apple’s strategy, being second to market

    • Kaplan/Norton : Strategy Maps

    • Art Kleiner: The 10 Most Enduring Ideas

    • Peter Fisk: "Business Strategy by Einstein and Picasso" (video)

    • McKinsey: “How Companies spend their Money”

    • PwC: “Growth Stages Diagnostic” 

    • Tom Peters: Strategic Planning RIP

    • Tom Peters: "The Fight for Competitive Advantage", with Richard Scase (audio)

    • Bob Randall: Four Futures for China Inc.

    • Stuart Rose: Marks and Spencer “Back in Fashion”

    • Sven Smit: The do or die struggle for growth

    Innovation archive

    Sustainability archive

    • Climate Crisis: The Inconvenient Truth (video)
    • Gore and Blood “Investing in Sustainability” 
    • CNN: Three Hot Green Companies (video)
    • Esty/Winston: "Green to Gold", The Environmental Lens (extract)
    • Esty/Winston: "Green to Gold", Eco Advantage (extract)
    • Esty/Winston: "Green to Gold", Self Assessment (checklist)
    • Esty/Winston:"Green to Gold", Environmental Analysis (spreadsheet)
    • Harvard Business School: Marks & Spencer Plan A 
    • Kleanthous: "Let Them Eat Cake" on marketing and sustainability
    • NEF: The unbalanced benefits and costs of economic growth
    • NEF: "Are we happy?" and the economics of past, present and future
    • NEF: "Happy Planet Index" of human well-being and environmental impact
    • Wolff Olins: (RED) Product case study

    • WWF: Building a business case for sustainability

    Leadership archive

    Performance archive

    Future of Banking archive

    • McKinsey: Global survey on innovation in financial services
    • IBM: Dare to be different - future of banking
    • IBM: Building customer advocacy in retail banking
    • PWC: Building the customer centric financial institution
    • Fast Company: The future of money 
    • Fast Company: Easy Money and the potential of Mint
    • Vision: 2015, a banking retrospective  (video)
    • Banco Bandeirantes Banking with The Jetsons   (video)
    • Credit Bank Peru Lima 1943 to the future  (video)
    • Room 504: How wireless technology might change banking   (video)
    • Linkoping University: Money Past Present Future   (video)
    • Interview Payments and travel in a contactless world  (video)
    • Report: Future of Retail Banking  (video)
    • Visa : Plumbers and the future of payment cards   (video)

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