Consulting.  Winning strategies, bolder brands, smarter innovation, better marketing.

We develop the right consulting approach to meet the needs of your business challenge, working collaboratively to achieve your objectives better and faster. We combine a wide range of processes and tools, insights and ideas, people and partners. 

With almost 20 years of consulting experience across almost every region and sector, we know that every problem is different, but the solution has many common factors. Driven by customer insight, through analysis and creativity, it is also about building engagement and actionable solutions, to deliver results - finding the best ideas, but also making them happen

 GAMECHANGER   is for business leaders making sense of the new opportunities

Is your business fit and focused for the new business world? 

Do you have the most effective business model? Are you out-thinking your competitors? What can you learn from Alibaba or Li and Fung? Are you reshaping markets like Apple or Virgin, Zappos and Zynga? Can you innovate like Samsung and Tata?

What will you be famous for in 2020? Why will consumers choose your brand? Why will  shareholders invest in your business? How will you make the world a better place? And above all ... is your business vision and strategy still relevant in our fast-changing markets?

Three inspiring days helping your top team to "futureproof" your business. Challenging and provocative, stretching and enlightened … Re-think your direction, re-focus your priorities, and re-energise your leaders, your strategy and business.

Download! ... "GameChanger for Business Leaders"  ...  is your business fit for the new business world? Time for leaders to shape the game they want to play, in their own vision.

Download! ... "Future Agenda 2020" ...  what are the drivers of change over the next decade, and how can business align itself to the future for the best opportunities and growth?

Contact: To find out how GameChanger can inspire you and your team, click here

 INNO LAB   is for innovation teams seeking to make the best ideas happen faster.

InnoLab is a unique and proven process for companies small and large, delivering innovation with more speed and impact. It is a fast, disciplined and collaborative approach to innovation based around creative techniques through a series of three two-day workshops with additional work before and after by participants and ourselves.

The InnoLab workshops are designed to both create a lasting repeatable process for effective creativity and innovation, but also to engage your people energetically and drive practical actions now. The process can be used for any form of creative development - developing new strategies, products, channels, propositions and more. There are three phases:

  • Ideas Factory ... exploring insights and ideas, exploring parallel markets and global practices, framing issues, thinking bigger and better
  • Design Studio .... shaping and connecting the best ideas into richer concepts, articulating products and services, and evaluating the best options
  • Impact Zone ... focusing on the winning propositions, defining solutions and business models, and accelerating concepts to market for faster impact

Download! ... "Creative Genius" ...  extracts from the new book by Peter Fisk ..."the essential handbook for business innovators, visionaries and gamechangers".

Find out more! ... "InnoLab for Accelerated Innovation"  ... more details of the process, examples of recent projects, tools and techniques, from the dedicated website.

Contact: To find out how InnoLab can make your ideas happen, click here

 BRAND IMPACT   is for brand and marketing teams seeking to build stronger brands  

Brands are much more than names and logos - they bring your business together, products and services, markets and categories, employees and consumers, suppliers and distributors, analysts and investors. Brand development must combine deep insights with detailed analysis to create new brand meaning, clear structure and focus, and inspiring propositions

  • Optimising your brand portfolio for profitable growth
  • Shaping your brand architecture for more impact
  • Driving innovation in your brand and business
  • Engaging people with more insightful propositions
  • Implementing strategies faster, braver and bolder

Through a fast and collaborative process, we bring together new insights into your markets and consumers, financial analysis of your business portfolio and performance, to help you develop the right brand strategy, optimise your portfolio, and focus on the actions that will have most impact for customers, competitively and commercially.

Download! ... "Building brands like Pixar make movies"  ... Peter Fisk on the creative challenge of building brands that connect digital and human experiences, in ways that are more distinctive, memorable and loved.

Download! ... "BrandLab ... Building more inspired brands"  ... Accelerated brand strategy, portfolio and architecture development ... with more insight, inspiration and impact 

Contact: To find out how Brand Impact can build your brand, click here


This is achieved by bringing together the best independent consultants, and ensures you only work with special people, people with unique ideas and expert skills. The network is led and coordinated by Peter Fisk and also includes partners from a core global team of associates, plus partners in each local market. The core team includes

  • Lori Costello. Internal and external communications specialist, driving change and action, from Scott Paper to Hill & Knowlton and PA Consulting Group. 
  • John Grant. Advertising and sustainability expert, co-founded St Luke’s advertising agency, and authored “The New Marketing Manifesto” and other books.
  • David Haigh. Brand valuation and marketing measurement specialist, a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and is founder of Brand Finance.
  • Magnus Lindkvist. Futurist from Sweden who specialises in pattern recognition and invisible trends, was a brand strategist at Differ, and is a leading participant in TED.
  • Andy Milligan. Customer and branding specialist, led Interbrand’s development in Asia Pacific, and wrote "Uncommon Practice" and “Brand it Like Beckham”.
  • Neil Munz Jones. Retail strategy and development specialist, including 15 years with Kingfisher in commercial, strategy, and operational roles.
  • Hany Mwafy. Experience marketing leader in the Middle East, previously with Unilever and BP, the CEO of research firm Neilsen for MENA, now leading GeniusWorks in the region.
  • Diana Nieto Verde, Sustainability and communications expert, Argentenian and founder of the new online business
  • Ruth Saunders. Strategic marketer and innovator, with diverse experience gained with P&G and Mars, though to Prophet and McKinsey & Co.
  • Carl Sharples. Customer and marketing expert, with specialist insights into financial services and related markets. Founder of Riff Marketing.
  • Shaun Smith. Customer insight and experience management specialist, author of books such as “Customer Experiences” and “See Feel Think Do”
  • Martin Thomas. Integrated communications expert, former MD of Cohn & Woolf, founder of Snapper Communications, and author of "Crowd Surfing"
  • Jane Young. Social media with insights into how brands resonate with people in a digital world, founder of Kanbee and ResonanceBlog

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    Track record

    Examples of companies that Peter has advised include

    • American Express. Developing an innovation strategy and process
    • Bank of Ireland. Launching a new financial services business
    • Barclays Bank. Brand activation through leadership and culture
    • British Airways. E-business strategy and leadership development
    • British Airways. Developing the Speedwing consulting business
    • BT. Customer-centric transformation programme
    • BT. Designing and developing the marketing community
    • BT Retail. Marketing capability and process development
    • BT Major Business. Developing value propositions for sectors and clients
    • Cable & Wireless. Launching a new business model as a venture business
    • Cinnamon. Brand strategy and implementation for boutique Asian hotel chain
    • Club Med. Developing a new brand strategy to support value-based growth
    • Coca Cola. Redefing global marketing “art and science” process and capability
    • Cooperative Bank. Launching the first “green” motor insurance
    • Cooperative Bank. Introducing propositions as a new approach to customers
    • Cooperative Funeralcare. Reinventing the funeral market around lifeplanning
    • Courage Breweries. Researching and relaunching the Holsten Pils brand
    • Davidoff. Brand strategy to reposition and reinvent men's luxury brand
    • Discovery Networks. Strategic brand and marketing programme
    • Eczacibasi. Market accelerator for leaders of each business
    • Hartwell Drinks Co. Developing market strategy and innovation process
    • Hewlett Packard. Improving European marketing programmes
    • Developing new marketing capabilities and processes
    • Ladbrokes. Corporate brand development programme
    • Ladbrokes. Marketing and leadership development programmes
    • Lloyds of London. Marketing strategy and process development
    • Marks & Spencer. Reinventing the prepared foods market
    • Marks & Spencer. Business strategy for M&S Home business
    • O2. Developing a new insurance propositions for mobile phones
    • Oriflame. Communications strategy in new markets for cosmetics brand 
    • Orange. Customer-centric organisation design and culture change
    • Philips. US/European customer-centric business transformation
    • Philosophy. Global brand strategy for inspirational skincare brand
    • Red Bull. Developing a market strategy and implementation plan
    • Regus. Start-up brand strategy and marketing planning
    • Royal Mail. Marketing development and new processes
    • Microsoft Introducing value-based marketing and segmentation
    • Sainsbury’s. Developing market segmentation and format strategy
    • Savola. Brand innovation for Middle East's leading food brands.
    • Shell. New corporate brand and business strategy
    • Shell Asia. Customer-centric business change programme
    • Shell Retail. Developing a franchising strategy for retail business 
    • Tata Steel. Brand and communication strategy for global growth
    • Telia Sonera. Marketing strategy and capability development
    • Vandemoortele. Developing a European market and brand strategy
    • Virginmoney. Launching an innovative financial service
    • Visa: Brand Strategy and Maximising ROI on the London 2012 Olympics
    • Vodafone. International market and franchise strategy
    • Volkswagen. Developing a new digital retail strategy

    Zoom ventures

    Providing strategic advice to a small number of intriguing new venture businesses, particularly social entreprenuers, that are currently in design or early start-up phase. These ventures are confidential, and can be explored more in person.For more details contact

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