New Training and Development Portfolio ... Developing your people with the new attitudes and capabilities to win in a changing world ...bringing together the very latest ideas in business, with the best and emerging practices from around the world,  to learn, explore and inspire ...

  • Fast Tracks ... accelerated, customised, one-day workshops for practitioners
  • Leaders XT ... inspiring business retreats for leadership teams
  • Winning in the New Business World ... one week masterclasses for future leaders
  • Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy ... training and qualifications in marketing

 LEADERS XT   ... inspiring executive development retreats for leadership teams

Leaders XT in partnership with the European Leadership Centre offer tailor-made retreats for leadership teams in inspiring places ... “extra time” to think, to collaborate, to create … to build a better team, a better business, a better future.

Leadership retreats are designed specifically around the objectives of the specific client organisation. It is most effective with leadership “top teams”, or specific functional or project leadership teams. The fusion of business and personal focus enables accelerated groupwork to develop new strategies or accelerate projects that normally take months, whilst also giving space for personal and team development.

Typical themes might include accelerated development of a new business strategy, or the bringing together of member of alliance or franchise partners, kick-starting a cross-functional innovation project, and incubating a new start-up business. Expert facilitators are selected from the Genius Team with the appropriate facilitation and functional skills and experience.

For leadership and team development programmes, a “toggle” approach is used over the five days – alternating between business and personal perspectives every half day in order to understand needs and roles, and priorities for change. New business challenges drive the need for new leadership behaviours, a new business vision inspires new ways of working.

 WINNING IN THE NEW BUSINESS WORLD   ... one-week masterclass for future leaders

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You have probably been successful in your existing markets – engaging customers, beating the competition, establishing a profitable business.You probably have a range of high quality products, loyal customers, dedicated employees, and an established way of working. Yet the world keeps changing – falling boundaries enable new entrants, digital technologies allow new approaches – customer priorities change, and expectations keep rising.

What does this mean for your business, both in terms of threats and opportunitiesHow can your business build on its established position, its asset base, to reach out to new customers, markets and categories? As competition intensifies, social and environmental issues become more important, and new technologies enable new possibilities, every leader and manager needs to think bigger, better and differently.

There are three days of “new insights and best practices”

  • Future strategies: day 1 explores markets and customers, understanding changing markets and priorities, focusing on the best opportunities
  • Bolder Brands: day 2 is about brands and propositions, defining the big and bold ideas, harnessing social media and integrating communication
  • Winning Innovation: day 3 focuses on experience and performance, developing better products and services, market and business success.

Followed by two days of “practical ideas and real action”

  • Issue driven: focused on the agreed real issues of each participant, and how they can address them in more creative and effective ways
  • Action driving: working one-to-one with each participant to develop insights, propositions, and solutions for fast and practical implementation.

The program will include a portfolio of articles, book extracts, case studies, videos, processes and tools, and useful links, to support participants during and beyond the five days (can be available on a +genius smart stick).

 CAMBRIDGE MARKETING LEADERSHIP ACADEMY   ... building high performance teams

This is a unique Academy of new marketing ideas and practices, leading-edge training and development, interactive workshops and the best qualifications. Delivered locally by marketers for marketers, as customised solutions for your business. There are three levels

  • Labs: new ideas and insights, challenges and opportunities, emerging practice from around the world for marketing leaders, and delivering real solutions for action.
  • Slingshots: fast, fresh, and focused updates on the hot topics - from deep diving to social media- and critical disciplines of today’s marketing for practitioners.
  • Springboards: essential qualifications in marketing strategy, communications, PR, digital marketing and market research for future marketing leaders.

Each programme is developed with you for your teams (and agencies can join in too), and delivered as customised, in-company programmes … or even to create your own internal "Marketing Academy" for everyone from junior marketers to business leaders.

Download! ... "Winning as a 21st Century Marketer" ...  describes what it takes to be a great marketer today ... to be the customer champion, business innovator and growth driver.

Download! ... "Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy"  ... summarises the programme with learning paths, possible qualifications, example modules, tools and more.

Find out more! ... "Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy"  ... dedicated website that helps you explore, delivered in partnership with Cambridge Marketing College.

Contact: To find out how Cambridge MLA can develop your people, click here

For more information go to the Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy website.

Competitive Edges : 3 x 2 day masterclasses for business and market leaders. Searching for the edge, the best new ideas from around the world, new technologies, new case studies, new models and tools, driven by your business issues, shaping new and innovative solutions. 

Leading Edge 1. The "Customer Champions" Masterclass (2 days)

Power has fundamentally shifted to customers, more different and discerning, untrusting and promiscuous. They want to do business when, where and how they want. What are the new approaches to understanding, engaging and connecting with customers?

  • The Customer Edge
  • Deep Insight ... with Tesco and Dunnhumby
  • Brand Passions ... with Net a Porter
  • Value Propositions ... with Umpqua Bank
  • Customer Engagement ... with Green & Blacks
  • Experience Theatre ... with Marks & Spencer
  • Customer Networks ... with Newscorp and My Space
  • The Customer Blueprint

Leading Edge 2. The "Business Innovators" Masterclass (2 days)

Business innovation seizes the best new market opportunities, then creatively explores the best solutions for commercial success. It applies the principles of innovation to every aspect of your business, to see things differently, and deliver step change in performance.

  • The Innovation Edge
  • Future Back ... with Shell and NASA
  • Think Different ... with Ferrari
  • Strategic Innovation ... with Whirlpool
  • Speed to Market ... with Samsung
  • Empathetic Design ... with Lego
  • Market Shaping ... with Apple
  • The Innovation Blueprint

Leading Edge 3. The "Growth Drivers" Masterclass (2 days)

The best opportunities for growth are unlikely to involve working harder to sell existing products to existing customers. How can you sustain profitable, organic growth? How do you most effectively influence business strategy, investment priorities, short and long-term performance?

  • The Growth Edge
  • Profit Pools ... with Red Bull
  • Business Strategy ... with GE
  • Growth Markets ... with Best Buy
  • Unlocking Value ... with Google
  • Competitive Impact ... with Diageo
  • Sustaining Performance ... with Disney
  • The Growth Blueprint

Market Accelerators : 6 x 1 day workshops for business and market managers. The definitive and integrated view of best practice in each discipline, exploring the hot topics and learning from the best companies worldwide, driven by issues and driving actions. 

Acclerator 1. The Fast Guide to Customer Insights

What really matters to customers (ie consumers), how to understand them better, and turn knowledge into competitive advantage.

  • The Insights Map
  • Customer Insights ... with Proctor & Gamble
  • Market Segmentation ... with Cemex
  • Competitive Positioning ... with Boeing
  • Data Management ... with Harrahs Casinos
  • The Insights Blueprint

Accelerator 2. The Fast Guide to Market Strategy

Making the right choices for your business – about where to focus, how to be different, and what to do to win.

  • The Strategy Map
  • Context Framing ... with IBM
  • Market Strategy ... with Visa
  • Integrated Planning ... with Coca Cola
  • Getting Commercial ... with Porsche
  • The Strategy Blueprint

Accelerator 3. The Fast Guide to Powerful Branding

What is your big idea, how do you capture it in compelling ways, and bring it to life inside and outside.

  • The Brand Map
  • Brand Development ... with Diesel
  • Value Propositions ... with FedEx
  • Customer Narratives ... with Dove
  • Brand Activation ... with Red Bull
  • The Brand Blueprint

Accelerator4. The Fast Guide to Innovative Solutions

How to create innovative products and services, innovative channels and communications, and deliver more personal experiences.

  • The Solutions Map
  • Product Design ... with Alessi
  • Service Development ... with Skype
  • Customised Solutions ... with Build a Bear
  • Managing Portfolios ... with Nike
  • The Solutions Blueprint

Accelerator 5. The Fast Guide to Customer Connections

Integrating all your customer touchpoints, your channels, your communications, service and relationships.

  • The Connections  Map
  • Creative Concepts ... with London 2012
  • Integrated Communications ... with Amazon
  • Channel Networks ... with Tchibo
  • Personal Experiences ... with Ritz Carlton
  • The Connections Blueprint

Accelerator 6.  The Fast Guide to Marketing Performance 

Measuring marketing the right way, delivering superior ROI, making the case and delivering shareholder value.

  • The Performance Map
  • Improving Effectiveness ... with Microsoft
  • Dashboards and Metrics ... with O2
  • Creativing Value ... with Cadbury Schweppes
  • Maximum Impact ... with Zara
  • The Performance Blueprint

There is also a one-day Market Induction workshop, introducing new entrants and other business functions to the essential and exciting challenges of customers and competitors, brands and marketing, innovation and strategy.

The Fast Track is designed by The Genius Works, and delivered by leading business thinkers and expert facilitors, in partnership with The Marketing Society in the UK, and with other partners around the world.

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The Business Genius Masterclass. Einstein and Picasso do Business.

In a dynamic and exciting two-day format, with the help of new research, video interviews, interactive debate (and a special guest or two), you will analyse the key issues and trends and the new ideas and best practices in marketing from around the world.  

Day 1. Genius Ideas. Inspired by Albert Einstein.

Seeing things differently. Doing extraordinary things

0900 – 1030  Track 1: Market strategy from the “outside in”

  • Identifying the best opportunities in fast changing markets
  • Choosing where and how to compete for best results
  • Strategies for significant and sustainable growth
  • Learn how Yahoo plans to win in a Google world
  • Explore Coca Cola’s growth maps and Nike’s market-shaping strategies
  • Embrace the techniques of Market Mapping and Horizon Planning

1100 – 1230  Track 2: Customer insights that redefine markets

  • Exploring what matters to customers, and what really energises them
  • Reframing your world from customer and competitive perspectives
  • Tapping into the latest ideas and insights from
  • Learn from P&G’s new bootcamp approach to customer insight
  • Explore how M&S rethought its business and Toyota redefined its priorities
  • Embrace the techniques of Customer Immersion and Energy Pyramids

1330 – 1500  Track 3: Green propositions that embrace ethics and environment

  • Understanding the wide range of “green” issues and their implications
  • Considering how you can do the right thing and deliver superior performance
  • Developing new propositions and solutions engage conscience consumers
  • Learn from Innocent’s success in creating “Tasty Little Drinks”
  • Explore Bono’s (RED) business model and GE’s ecomagination
  • Embrace the techniques of Value Propositions and Green Prints

1530 – 1730  Track 4: Engaging experiences delivered on customers’ terms

  • Redefining what, where and how you do business on customer terms
  • Engaging customers through experiential theatre, personal and memorable
  • Building relationships through social media and customer communities
  • Learn from MySpace’s impact on youth and HP HyPe Galleries on designers.
  • Explore new approaches to web 2.0 marketing – blogs, wikis and communities.
  • Embrace the techniques of Power Profiling and Channel Fusion

Day 2. Genius Action. Inspired by Pablo Picasso.  

Driving the business. Delivering exceptional results.

0900 – 1030  Track 5: Building brands that capture your big idea

  • Building brands around customer aspirations not business capabilities
  • Articulating brands in more compelling customer-driven narratives and stories
  • Engaging the whole business through customer and employee propositions
  • Consider Maurice Saatchi’s “one word equity” and Kevin Roberts “Lovemarks”
  • Decide who you would back in a fast changing market –Coke or Pepsi?
  • Embrace the techniques of Brand Scanning and Customer Scripts

1100 – 1230  Track 6: Business innovation designed from the “future back”

  • Rethinking your world from the future back, then connecting now forward
  • Applying creativity and innovation at concept, market and product levels
  • Managing innovation creatively, accelerating business rhythm and speed
  • Explore the implications of Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” for today’s markets
  • Compare Apple and Microsoft’s approaches to market-driven innovation
  • Embrace the techniques of Future Radar and Market Disruption

1330 – 1500  Track 7: Delivering results for customers and shareholders

  • Developing the right set of marketing metrics to demonstrate your ROI
  • Articulating the value of marketing – its impact on revenue, profit, and value.
  • Consider the “invisible business” where brand and relationship assets dominate
  • Explore the difference that Jim Stengel’s accountability drive has made to P&G
  • Learn how Tesco ensure that customers not finance drive the boardroom agenda
  • Embrace the techniques of Marketing Metrics and Customer Capital

1530 – 1730  Track 8: Inspiring leadership that engages the whole business

  • Defining a new role for marketers – championing customers, innovation and growth.
  • Considering how to balance leadership and management in more inspiring ways
  • Why the effective CMO is the right person to be the next CEO
  • Learn the secrets of the world’s 25 most inspirational marketing leaders
  • Consider the job description of the Genius Marketer and what it means for you
  • Evaluate what you should do next with the CMO Profiler

Leave ready to switch on both your left and right brain, think from the outside in, and the future back, in order to deliver profitable returns today and tomorrow.

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